Making the best out of days out with kids.

There is no way children will feel more connected to you than spending some quality time with them and there is no better place this than on a day out with your kids. Vacations and camping are some of the best times to spend quality time with children. But how do you make sure that the vacation or camping is special? Kids love attention give it to them. Be innovative and friendly play some games with the kids. This way you will also experience some of the best days out with kids. I have compiled a list of some of the fun games you can play with the kids.

1. Adapted cricket.

Playing cricket is good but is great and fun if you don’t play by the proper rules. Customize the game the way your kids want it. Make your own rules.

2. Water fights.

Children love playing with water but most of the times parents tend to be against playing with it. You can imagine the excitement the kids will have if the parent suggest that you some water fights.

3. The exhibition.

During this summer camp make it an objective to make an exhibition when you get back home. Promise the kids that whoever who will find the most interesting things or treasures will be handsomely rewarded. The kids will get occupied finding treasures and obviously each one of them will want to be the winner. This will bring about a heated debate on what is “interesting” and what is a “treasure”. This debates will be fun for all of you. After the trip lay everything out and each kid must label their objects. Put them in transparent boxes and display them for everyone to see. This will make your kids very proud.

4. Dens and forts.

You will need blankets, boxes, sheets and clothes horses to build this. Help the kids build this dents and forts and be prepared to play the role of a big imaginary enemy.